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Weir, KS: Royal Black Granules Plant

McCabe Industrial Mineral's longest-running plant is located in Weir, KS. Built in 1984, the plant has processed over a million and half tons of coal bottom ash. For decades, power plants in the region landfilled their byproduct from processing coal. MIM was on the forefront of finding a use for the slag as a roofing granule and blasting abrasive. The Royal Black Plant has nearly 0% waste as it also produces a finer grade of roofing material for rolled roofing products, an ice melt product for roads and a filler for cement. With the closure of 2 out of 3 powerplants that provided MIM with raw material, the plant has developed a new light headlap granule produced from a silicious limestone quarried in Gravitt, AR. The Royal Black Plant has the ability to ship its products by truck and railcar.

Davis, OK: Rhyolite Granules Plant

McCabe Industrial Mineral's only processing plant that does not utilize a recycled raw material was built in 1993 in Davis, OK. Since inception, the Rhyolite plant has processed over a million tons of rhyolite -3/8" screenings from a nearby quarry that mines and markets this granitic stone for road-building and railroad ballast. The plant also produces a 40M-70M product used in asphalt shingle manufacturing and markets its -70M byproduct as a suitable material for road base material. The Rhyolite Granules Plant has the ability to ship its products by truck and railcar via a transload site 7 miles from the facility.

Tulsa, OK: Custom Metal Works

McCabe Minerals purchased Custom Metal Works in June 2018. The 12,000 square foot shop employs highly-skilled fabricators and welders from the Sheet Metal Workers International Association, Local #270. 80% of shop business is directly tied to the oil and gas industry with the remaining business spread across several industries including custom restaurant equipment and custom parts used in other manufacturing processes. CMW offers free delivery in the Tulsa metro area and can accommodate national and international delivery at the customer's request. Visit the shop's website at

Birmingham, AL: Alabama Granules Plant

McCabe Industrial Minerals purchased the Alabama Granules plant from Dunn Construction in July 2019. After some plant renovations and improvements, production was commenced in November 2019 and has since processed tens of thousands of tons of blast furnace slag (BFS) for use as headlap granules and a finer grade of headlap sand. BFS is a non-metallic residue obtained from steel plants or from the reduction of ores in a blast furnace. MIM is proud to carry on our proud tradition of utilizing recycled materials for use in the roofing industry and looks forward to a long tenure in the Southeast US market. The Alabama Granules Plant ships its products by truck only at this time.

Corporate Headquarters

McCabe Minerals headquarters are located in Tulsa, OK and houses the company's Human Resources, Accounting and Finance, and Sales departments.

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